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The Transit Affordability Crisis: How Reduced MTA Fares Can Help Low-Income New Yorkers Move Ahead

Harold Stolper, Nancy Rankin

Summary: For working poor New Yorkers, the high cost of transit has become a significant barrier to getting ahead. According to our 2015 Unheard Third survey, more than 1 in 4 poor New Yorkers say they often can't afford subway or bus fare, and many are prevented from accessing medical care or even taking a job away from home because of unaffordable fares. "The Transit Affordability Crisis" outlines the challenges low-income New York City residents face when paying for mass transit, and proposes a new half-price fare to help those who rely on the MTA the most. Learn more about the campaign for reduced subway and bus fares at

Issues: Economic Mobility & Security, Workforce & Poverty

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