Fair Fares

Reduced MTA fares to help low-income New Yorkers move ahead


CLICK HERE to tell the Mayor that NYC needs to know how and when all elegible New Yorkers will be able to take advantage of Fair Fares!

It's 2019 and we still have not seen a plan for the rollout of half-priced MetroCards for New Yorkers living at or below poverty.  We all fought hard for this much needed discount and we must keep the pressure on City Hall to deliver a functional Fair Fares program to those who need it. Take action and let Mayor de Blasio know we need Fair Fares now!



On June 11, 2018, Mayor de Blasio and NYC City Council Speaker Corey Johnson shook hands on a budget deal that includes full funding for #FairFares for FY19.  CSS wants to thank everyone involved in this tremendous achievement.  You can see our full list of official supporters here, check out the press our camapaign garnerned in our three years of advocacy, read the original report that launched the campaign, and watch videos we created in support. 



1 in 4 poor New Yorkers can't afford subway or bus fare.  


For more than 300,000 working poor New Yorkers, transit expenses often exceed 10 percent of their family budgets, limiting their ability to access jobs and forcing them to forgo other necessities. Data from the 2015 Unheard Third, our annual public opinion survey to elevate the concerns of low-income New Yorkers, reveals that the prohibitively high cost of subway and bus fares keeps many New Yorkers—especially low-income blacks and Latinos—from getting medical care or even taking a job further from home. Learn more in our new report, The Transit Affordability Crisis

The idea of subsidizing transit for certain groups is nothing new. The MTA already offers half-price fares to seniors and people with disabilities. And other cities, including Seattle, San Francisco, and London, have introduced fare discounts for riders with 

Shouldn’t we also offer discounts to those who need it most? Join CSS and the Riders Alliance in calling for reduced fares for low-income riders.  



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It's time to give low-income New Yorkers a break.


It's time to give low-income New Yorkers a break.



It's time to give low-income New Yorkers a break.

It's time to give low-income New Yorkers a break.

It's time to give low-income New Yorkers a break.

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