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Women, Blacks, and Older Workers Struggle in Post-Recession New York City

Michelle Holder

Summary: This policy brief examines how different demographic groups fared in New York City’s labor market during the 2009 to 2011 recovery period. It outlines the scope and impact of long-term unemployment in the city, and provides recommendations that the city and state can take address this issue. The report finds that last year, unemployed New Yorkers were out of work for an average of 41 weeks, almost ten months, an increase of almost three months from 2009. Half of these unemployed had been out of work for more than six months, and more than a third had been out of work for a year or more. Moreover, women fared worse than men during the 2009-2011 recovery period in the city in terms of rising unemployment; and women ages 55 to 64 years who lost their jobs remained out of work longer than any other demographic group. Black New Yorkers constituted nearly half of all discouraged workers in 2011, though this group only accounts for 25 percent of the city’s population.

Issues: Workforce & Poverty

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