Key Successes

A Victory on Paid Sick Days

It took us more than three years, but New York City is now closer to ensuring that nearly one million working New Yorkers—particularly low-wage workers—will earn paid sick days, and that no worker can be fired for being sick.

The Road to a Win for New York City Youth

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently signed 3 bills that will dramatically improve how New York City's disadvantaged youth connect to public assistance and educational programs. All three bills stem from the research and recommendations of a ground-breaking CSS report.

Removing Barriers to Reentry

Nearly 56,000 people are currently in New York State prisons. As these individuals return home and try to provide for themselves and their families, they face steep legal barriers to employment and economic stability. CSS has pursued a variety of strategies, including litigation and grassroots advocacy, to win tangible change for people with conviction histories.

Curbing the High Cost of Health Insurance

Between 2000 and 2009, health insurance premiums in New York State increased by 92 percent, while median wages increased only by 14 percent. CSS advocacy helped convince the state to improve oversight and start reigning in excessive premium hikes.

City Invests in Second Chances for Youth

After a groundbreaking CSS report in 2005 called attention to the large-scale problem of disconnected youth in the city—young people ages 16 to 24 who are disconnected from school and jobs—city and state policy makers took note.