Fighting So Her Daughters Can Hear

Eight year-old Keyla was born deaf and has a Cochlear implant that enables her to hear. When a Cochlear malfunction resulted in sporadic hearing loss, Keyla's mother Yeni I., who speaks only Spanish, requested a replacement part from the implant maker. The company responded with a stack of paperwork, all in English, and a bill for $2,500.


Yeni's two daughters were both born deaf: “As soon as I knew both my children were deaf and that there was a way for them to hear, I started .” Despite her limited English, Yeni got Medicaid to cover the Cochlear implants and kept her daughters’ equipment working.

Help now, and ongoing support

For help with the $2, 500 bill, she contacted CSS's Community Health Advocates (CHA), and learned that Keyla’s health plan was responsible for the payment and any future replacement parts. CHA staff also made sure that Keyla received a new, more comfortable hearing device, and that Keyla’s health plan provided the family with a Spanish-speaking case manager.

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