His Coverage Ended. Then He Contacted CSS.

"I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

During his years working for a theater production company, Michael M. didn’t worry about health coverage. “I had great insurance through my job,” says the 61-year-old Manhattan resident.  “Then the company folded up, and so did my coverage.”

Now self-employed, and with some past health issues in mind, Michael began paying $1,600 a month to remain insured. Unable to sustain that cost long-term, he sought out alternatives. “I wanted high-quality coverage, but thought there had to be something more affordable.”

Michael went online to the NY State of Health marketplace to learn more. “It’s not easy to compare and contrast everything out there,” he said. To better understand his options, Michael called the CSS Navigator Network and made an appointment to meet with Navigator Katie Engst, who helped him through the NY State of Health application. “I got more information from Katie in two hours than I had gotten on my own in months.” Katie explained that a Platinum Level plan would compare most accurately with his current plan. “So I went with that,” he said.   At $460 per month with no deductible, his new Platinum coverage is more affordable and includes dental benefits his previous plan lacked. “I’m thrilled! It’s better than what I had before. I’ve been waiting for this moment.”

Michael has a message for other New Yorkers who need help finding out about new health insurance options: “Call CSS.  This is the place. You can trust this.”

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