Jessica Finds the Coverage She Needs—and Can Afford

“I feel so much more comfortable knowing I can go to the doctor if I’m feeling sick."

27-uear-old Jessica K. came to NYC about six years ago to pursue a career as an actor.  When she arrived to CSS, she had been without insurance for more than three years—a situation she planned to rectify.  “It’s very important to get physicals and yearly exams, so if there were to be a problem, you can catch it early on. Young people need health care just as much as anybody else does.”

Figuring out her next steps was a challenge: “When you’re working as an independent contractor without coverage through your job, finding health care can be overwhelming. You think: How do I find something I can afford?  Who can assist me?”

As it was, there were times when she wanted to see a doctor but didn’t.  “I had been paying for everything out-of-pocket.  So if I felt I could just ride out a virus or something like that, I did.”

Jessica had been to the NY State of Health site on her own, but had trouble making sense of all the information and choices.  Determined to find an affordable, high-quality plan, Jessica called the CSS Navigator Network and set up an appointment to meet with Navigator Hannah Weinstein.

“Hannah was extremely helpful.  She did all the work! She understood how the system worked, and the right questions to ask. Enrolling went really quickly.”
Asked how it feels to have coverage:  “I feel so much more comfortable just knowing I can go to the doctor if I’m feeling sick.  That’s a huge blessing.  And I can afford it!”

She adds: “People need to know that help is out there and they’re not alone trying to navigate through it all.”

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