“I Need Coverage for My Pre-existing Conditions”

David Peters was laid off from his banking job due to debilitating back pain that prevented him from sitting or standing for long stretches of time.

Darren enrolled in COBRA, but after months of dipping into savings and a 401(K) plan, he was no longer able to afford the premium, and dropped the coverage entirely. 

For a time, he simply went without insurance.  However, with the help of a CSS navigator at the Health and Welfare Council of Long Island—a CSS Navigator Network partner site--he learned that he was eligible for Medicaid through the NY State of Health marketplace, which would cover his pre-existing condition at no cost. 

“It is critical for me to have medical coverage due to my pre-existing medical conditions. If it wasn't for my navigator, Jane, and her knowledge of how to apply for coverage, I’m sure I would have made errors and delayed the process.  She took away so much stress and anxiety.”

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