After Being Uninsured for Years, Josh Found the Coverage He Needs

“Just to know that I’m covered and that I can get something taken care of is great.”

Josh moved to New York 15 years ago, and had been living without insurance ever since. Over the years he avoided going to the doctor for as long as possible, and resorted to going to the Emergency Room when he needed treatment. As a result, he incurred tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt. He had tried to apply for Medicaid in the past but was not eligible.

Josh had been living with the stress and anxiety of not having insurance for over a decade. The debt he had incurred coupled with accumulating health issues were taking a toll on his physical and emotional wellbeing. He decided to seek help from a CSS Navigator, who helped him apply for Medicaid. Josh says he “immediately felt comfortable with her. She was really helpful…she was a superstar at pinpointing where my problems were and how to fix them.”

Since getting insurance coverage, Josh has made long overdue doctor appointments, and has been able to receive necessary prescription medications. Having insurance and being able to address his healthcare needs has been instrumental to Josh’s renewed sense of wellbeing. “I’ve literally been in the city with nowhere to turn and I’ve tried almost everything. I recommend Navigators to anyone who needs help getting proper health insurance coverage.”

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