Fixing Billing Errors Leads to Savings—and Peace of Mind

Despite Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage, Bronx retiree Adalberto Socarras began receiving bills following a brief hospitalization. "I had gone because my leg was swollen. They kept me there for a few hours, did some tests, and sent me home. Then I started receiving bills for $257." So he contacted Nora Chavez of CHA.

Getting answers, and peace of mind

Said Nora Chaves, "Mr. Socarras had already contacted the insurer on his own." Their response? "They just kept billing him!"  Nora discovered  the doctor's private office had billed him erroneously, and she made sure that Medicare paid the $257 bill.

CHA navigation help led to savings--and security. "I also informed Nora when my wife and I received letters saying that we had been terminated by our insurance," said Mr. Socarras. "That really alarmed me!"  Said Nora, "We did the research and discovered that coverage for Mr. and Mrs. Socarras would remain unchanged, but be administered through another office. The letter didn’t make that clear."

"Without services like CHA a person could get into paying a lot of extra costs," says Mr. Socarras. "I know I have paid many medical bills that I didn’t have to pay. But I won’t do that anymore."

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