Hot Bread Kitchen’s Recipe for Success

Hot Bread Kitchen is a nonprofit business that offered employee health coverage, yet CEO Jessamyn Rodriguez was searching for better options: That's when she called CSS’s Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP) for help.

A MetroCard Ride to a Job with a Future

“It’s really important to be able to get around New York City. There should be some MetroCard exemptions or concessions for individuals below a certain income threshold.”

A Fresh Start for One New York City Family

A series of tough hardships left Shari R. without a job or a home for herself and her two young children.

How a MetroCard Helped Pave the Way to a Job

“You get discouraged when you think, ‘I don’t have enough money to get to work.’” Read how help with transit made all the difference for Leatrice.

RSVP Voices: Mei Li Chen

"Many people in the community don’t know how to apply for the public benefits that they are eligible for. They feel so relieved when I can help them. That's my happiest moment!”

RSVP Voices: Olga’s Story

"These children are dealing with so much, it’s good to be able to offer a few moments to play, talk, decompress. And let them know they are important."

Suzanne Enrolls

Suzanne arrived at CSS days after being diagnosed with breast cancer. “When you hear that for the first time you’re just overwhelmed.” Learn how she got the coverage she needs.

Jessica Enrolls

Says Jessica K.:“It’s very important to get physicals and yearly exams, so if there were to be a problem, you can catch it early on. Young people need health care just as much as anybody else does.”

Paid Sick Days - Emilio’s Story

Emilio caught the flu and lost his job. Thanks to a new law in New York City, workers like Emilio are protected if they have to miss work due to illness.

RSVP Voices: Richard’s Story

"I help these young guys to focus on their homework and get it done. Kids need to know they can achieve. I tell them, ‘You can do this.'"

An Unwelcome Surprise

Gladys Puglla was in a meeting when she collapsed suddenly from a stroke. Rushed to one hospital and transferred to another, she recovered, and felt lucky. Then the bills arrived.

Stanley Enrolls

Stanley has a message for New Yorkers looking for affordable health insurance: "Get signed up! There's something there for everybody, if you just have a look."

Michael Enrolls

With help from a CSS Navigator, Michael's monthly health care costs fell from $1,000 to $460.

Tamika Enrolls

“Health coverage is what I wanted for Christmas, and now I have it.”

Joanna Enrolls

"I've been telling my friends, 'Enroll. Go for it! It's real, it’s affordable, and you can get help figuring out your options.'”

Anna Enrolls

After going without insurance despite her health problems, Queens resident Anna M. called CSS. "I got a great plan that I can afford. It’s such a relief!"

David Enrolls

After his health insurance policy was canceled, David L. reached out to the Community Service Society Navigator Network for help.

Video: One Volunteer’s Sandy Recovery

One year after Hurricane Sandy struck New York City, we invite you to watch RSVP volunteer and storm survivor Carolyn Murray's remarkable story of recovery.

Deborah’s Story

For Deborah Williams and her clients, knowledge is key: “One woman feared that her conviction history was the end of the world, only to find out she did not actually have a rap sheet."

RSVP Voices: Eleanor’s story

Eleanor Rainford has been an ACES volunteer for twenty-five years. Each week, the 85-year-old former teacher helps low-income, elderly, and disabled New Yorkers access the public benefits they need. “I’ve always been interested in helping someone through a tough spot,” she says.

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