Harold Stolper

Harold Stolper

Senior Labor Economist

Joined CSS: 2015

Departments & Programs

Labor Market Policy


As the Senior Labor Economist at the CSS, Harold’s role is to analyze, visualize, and present data to foster a greater collective understanding of the many different ways through which public policies can influence economic opportunity—for example, developing policy proposals to help reduce income inequality, and improve access to higher education and public transit. At CSS, he conducts original research projects to support advocacy efforts that affect local and state policy change on these issues. Recents reports include Unpredictable: How Unpredictable Schedules Keep Low-Income New Yorkers From Getting Ahead, and The Transit Affordability Crisis: How Reduced MTA Fares Can Help Low-Income New Yorkers Move Ahead. Harold has written policy briefs, opinion pieces, and testified before the New York City Council on a range of policy issues affecting low-income New Yorkers.

Harold earned his PhD in Economics and MPA in Urban Policy Analysis from Columbia University, where he was also a Fellow for Columbia’s Committee on the Economics of Education. Previous academic research has identified barriers in access to education; this includes documenting the long-term effects of access to mainstream public school instruction for non-native English speakers [PDF], and documenting how the presence of home equity financing enables homeowning families to send their children to more costly and selective colleges than similarly able children in renter families [PDF].

He currently teaches graduate courses on quantitative methods and data analysis at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs. Harold has also worked as an Economist for the federal Department of Transportation, and as the Assistant Director for Research at the CUNY-based University Transportation Research Center.


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