Report | Jan. 2008

Mapping Poverty in New York City: Pinpointing the Impact of Poverty, Community by Community, 2007-2008

Community Service Society, United Way of New York City

Summary: Half of the city’s 1.4 million poor people live in neighborhoods where the poverty rate is at least 24.8 percent (compared to a citywide rate of 19.2 percent), and one-quarter live in neighborhoods where the rate is at least 34.1 percent. But there is more to the geography of poverty in New York City than is revealed by a glance. Poverty interacts in important ways with other factors, such as immigration, which are distributed in a different way than poverty itself. And the effects of poverty can be modified or mitigated by resources, such as subsidized housing, that also have their own geographic patterns. As a result, different poverty-related stresses often have different geographies.

Issues: Affordable Housing, Economic Mobility & Security

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