Policy Brief | Sep. 2018

Addressing the Eviction Epidemic - Analysis of 2017 Data

Oksana Mironova

Summary: In 2017, landlords filed 230,000 residential eviction petitions in New York City’s housing court; while City Marshals executed 21,000 evictions. The true number of people displaced from their homes because of eviction proceedings is somewhere in between these numbers.

CSS Housing Policy Analyst Oksana Mironova looks at the latest data on evictions in NYC to examines who is most affected and how current housing policy around rent regulations incentivise landlords to push long-term low-income tenants out of their homes. She discusses the recent proposed expansion of New Right to Counsel law and details who could benefit from its broader scope.

View the online version of this analysis to see interactive maps of evictions and city demographics.

Issues: Affordable Housing

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