Removing Barriers to Successful Reentry: Next Door Project

Nearly 58 percent of criminal records contain at least one error.  Fixing these errors can help open doors to employment, housing, and stability that had previously been closed. The Next Door Project trains older adult volunteers to help people with conviction histories request, read, and repair their NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services rap sheets and criminal records maintained by consumer credit reporting agencies.  Next Door Project counselors also help individuals apply for Certificates of Good Conduct or Certificates of Relief from Disabilities, which provide presumptive evidence of rehabilitation and overcome numerous statutory barriers to employment and licensure.  Visit the Next Door Project for more information.

Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism: Mentoring Youth of Promise (MentorUP)

Three out of four young people who become involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice will be re-incarcerated, at a cost of up to $200,000 per year.

MentorUP trains volunteer mentors to build the academic confidence and social skills of youth who are in Alternatives to Detention (ATD) programs.  MentorUP’s highly motivated volunteers offer site-based mentoring with partnering agencies to help young people break the cycle of recidivism by providing innovative curriculums designed to promote their intellectual and social development. 

For more information about the MentorUP program, including a list of current partners, download our fact sheet

Support for At-Risk Youth: Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents (MentorCHIP)

In New York State, an estimated 85,000 New York children have a parent in prison according to the Women in Prison Project/Department of Correctional Services.  These children are at particular risk for academic difficulties, social problems, and poverty. 

MentorCHIP offers site-based mentoring at partnering organizations with an academic and asset-building focus to build the confidence and resilience of children ages 6–16 whose parents are incarcerated. The program’s goal is to significantly improve the cognitive, social, and lifelong learning of children who are affected by incarceration.

For more information about the MentorCHIP program, including a list of current partners, download our fact sheet.

CSS’s Reentry Services and Youth Mentoring Programs are part of our Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).  RSVP is a nationally-acclaimed program that enlists adults ages 55 and older to strengthen their communities by serving as volunteers.  Our volunteer mentors and counselors receive extensive training and make substantial time commitments to work closely with people in need. Are you an adult aged 55+ who is interested in becoming an RSVP volunteer? Here's how to get started!

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