Our services include:

  • Private, one-on-one counseling about health insurance options through:

--Our toll-free telephone helpline — (844) 614-8800
--In-person appointments at one of our 50 meeting sites around New York state
--In-person appointments at your home, if you have difficulty traveling or communicating by phone
--Live Chat through the ICAN website

  • Educational sessions for consumers and caregivers
  • Professional training for social services organizations
  • Educational material provided through this website

The Independent Consumer Advocacy Network (ICAN) consists of staff at CSS, as well as a network of other nonprofit organizations around New York state. Our network includes the following outstanding organizations, selected for their proven track record of educating and advocating for older adults and people with disabilities:

Action for Older Persons
ACR Health
Center for Independence of the Disabled, NY
Empire Justice Center
Legal Aid Society
Legal Assistance of Western New York
Legal Services of the Hudson Valley
Medicare Rights Center
Nassau/Suffolk Law Services Committee
Neighborhood Legal Services
New York Legal Assistance Group
Southern Adirondack Independent Living
Westchester Disabled On the Move

When you call ICAN, you may reach an expert health counselor at CSS or any of these other organizations. Our network of organizations helps us reach people throughout New York state, as well as support ICAN by developing training materials, conducting community education programs, and providing technical assistance to health counselors.

All of our services are free and confidential. We are not connected with any health insurance plan. For more information about ICAN, please visit icannys.org   

 ICAN is funded by the State of New York.

Read about how ICAN helped one New Yorker get the home health care she needs to stay independent and in her home. 

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