In each episode we will dive into an issue affecting low-income New Yorkers in areas such as affordable housing, healthcare, and economic security, and we'll hear the story of how CSS staff and programs are striving to address these problems.


Episode 1 - Universal Jobs for New York City Youth


For our inaugural episode, we tackle the idea of universal summer jobs for all New York City youth.  In February of 2016 Lazar Treschan, Director of Youth Policy at CSS, produced a report proposing the idea that all students who want one should have access to summer employment.  Not only should they get a job, but that job should be connected integrated with their schooling.  

In this podcast. we hear from David R. Jones, President and CEO of CSS, about our proposal and why summer jobs are so important for young people.  Then we head up to the Bronx to see first hand one school that is working hard to provide meaningful summer employment to their students, and we end up at a boat building workshop on the Bronx River. 

      Rocking the Boat in Hunts Point, Bronx

      Francisco Cabrera finishing up his third rowboat

     Rocking the Boat students on the Bronx River

     Sailing at the mouth of the Bronx river

      Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School Principal Jeff Palladino

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