The Vision for a Working New York

Our research and opinion polling reveals an "unheard" legion of struggling New Yorkers who are working hard, but unable to get ahead due to low wages, few benefits, and a bleak employment landscape.  We believe there is a critical and urgent need for investing in our city's future by strengthening our workforce and ensuring greater access to education and good quality jobs. 

We tackle poverty on multiple fronts, using every tool at our disposal: advocacy, direct service innovation, research and policy analysis, volunteer mobilization, and strategic partnerships.  We seek to raise awareness, uncover solutions, and forge consensus on appropriate policy interventions that create opportunity and prosperity for all.

A Voice for Low-Income New Yorkers

Through The Unheard Third, our annual survey of low-income New Yorkers, we gain an important understanding of the needs and challenges of our constituents.  We use this insight to help shape our work around a set of core issues:

Access to Health Care
Affordable Housing
Disconnected Youth
Economic Security
Imprisonment & Reentry
Volunteer Mobilization
Workforce & Poverty

In each of these core areas, we are committed to advancing positive change and actionable solutions that help break the cycle of poverty and strengthen low-income communities. 

We take on the tough issues because we believe in a stronger, more equitable New York in which everyone has the opportunity to build a more secure economic future. 

If you share our vision, please join us today.

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