1. Supervision for the volunteer(s) - a professional will be assigned to supervise the ACES volunteer(s).  Responsibilities include:

  • Willingness to work with volunteers
  • Development of an effective client referral system
  • Supervision of the volunteers - hold periodic group and/or individual meetings with the volunteers to review cases or enhance effectiveness of volunteers
  • Coordination of volunteers’ schedules.

2. Space - provide a desk, computer, filing space, phone and other materials necessary for the volunteers to do their work.

3. Record Keeping - maintain monthly volunteer attendance records and forward to ACES staff by the 10th day of the following month.

4. If the ACES Project ceases to operate at the site, we request that any resource materials be returned to the ACES Project located at the Community Service Society of New York. In addition, the agency should properly dispose of other client file materials in a manner that will preserve confidentiality.

To speak with a CSS representative about hosting an ACES volunteer at your site, please complete our contact form

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