Why should my agency become an RSVP site? RSVP is a source for volunteers and can also offer expert technical assistance in the many facets of volunteer management and program development. RSVP volunteers come with a lifetime of experience and a dedication to helping others. They can help your agency with its direct service, clerical, and capacity building needs.

Does it cost anything to become registered as an RSVP site? No. This service is completely free of charge.

How can my agency become an RSVP site and what are the requirements? Once RSVP ascertains that your organization has nonprofit status or is a licensed health care facility and has volunteer opportunities in our focus areas, a Memorandum of Understanding and Volunteer Request Form will be emailed to you. After receiving these signed and completed forms, a representative from RSVP will contact you to review your volunteer needs. When a  volunteer expresses interest in one of your assignments, your designated contact person will be called to make the match.

Are we required to provide you with reports on our RSVP volunteers’ status? Yes. RSVP sends a monthly attendance sheet to capture volunteer hours that you are required to return. These time sheets allow RSVP to provide benefits to volunteers, are used in reports to funders, and enable RSVP to continue providing this free service. RSVP will also contact you periodically to obtain information on outcomes for funders.

How long does it take to receive a volunteer from RSVP? Many times RSVP is able to fill a request within two months or sooner. Depending on the interests of prospective volunteers, it could take longer. RSVP makes every effort to ensure our matches are mutually beneficial to the volunteer and agency. RSVP takes pride in the detailed interview process and knowing what someone is looking for before referring them to an organization. The more detailed your job description, the easier it is to fill your position. If you have not received a referral from RSVP in six months, you can contact an RSVP representative and we can revisit your volunteer need(s).

Can our organization request volunteers for more than one position? Yes. You should complete a job description for each assignment. If you have many needs, you can begin with your highest priority and then submit additional assignments at a later date.

Can our organization’s existing volunteers who are 55 and over become RSVP members to reap the benefits of the travel reimbursement and accident insurance? Yes. Please contact Deirdre Ryan-Spirakis at 212-614-5536 or email dryan@cssny.org to discuss how to enroll your eligible volunteers in RSVP.

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