The Poor People’s Campaign of 1968: Can it be Resurrected to Advance Economic and Social Justice in 2017?

This discussion will explore the Poor People’s Campaign of 1968 and a new framework for economic and social justice within a broader human rights frame in 2017 and beyond. Our panel of faith, labor, and community leaders will share their vision and strategies for building an intersectional, egalitarian people’s movement in the Age of Trump.

Watch the recording from our live stream of the event below from Wednesay, May 17, 2017.



As the Trump corporate agenda devours city and state budgets across the United States, rights long thought secure are under threat: shelter; the social safety net, including health care; participation in the electoral process; and a safe workplace with a living wage. Today, as during the 1960s civil rights struggles, repressive, anti-democratic forces have been unleashed that strip black, brown, and poor communities of these protections and the basic means to live.

Despite organized labor’s historic role in advancing the rights of working people, the percentage of union-represented employees has dropped to 10.7 percent. The union’s diminishing presence has been at the expense of living wage jobs, and increasingly left workers vulnerable to exploitative work conditions.

Members of the faith community are resisting these forces through a national movement to revive Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign of 1968. Then as now, the Poor People’s Movement would link faith, labor, and community members in the fight against racism and systemic poverty.


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