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Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act

David R. Jones

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Today’s Supreme Court decision reaffirming the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is great news for all New Yorkers.  One million currently uninsured New Yorkers will now be able to get health care coverage.  This will literally save lives.  

The decision will also save New Yorkers millions in taxpayer dollars that formerly went to providing needed healthcare for the uninsured.  The state will get $2.4 billion per year in federal subsidies to make insurance affordable for those who cannot pay for it.  In addition, small businesses will get a tax break of up to 50 percent to help pay for employee health insurance. 

More than any statistics, the Supreme Court decision ensures that the state and the nation will be physically and economically healthier.  Health care costs have been the major cause for individual bankruptcies across the country.  Emergency rooms have been filled with uninsured of all ages who could find no other care.  Our collective failure to stop this downward spiral has been an embarrassment for us as a nation.  Today, we can instead be proud.

This is a victory for the most vulnerable among us, an event that is rare in today’s jurisprudence.  The Court is to be congratulated for its decision.

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