Statement: Fair Fares and the Mayor’s preliminary budget

Joint statement from the Community Service Society and the Riders Alliance 



In his preliminary budget released today, Mayor Bill de Blasio committed $106 million towards the continued implementation of Fair Fares—half-price MetroCards for poor New Yorkers—a much-needed anti-poverty measure that has gained widespread support. 

While this is a significant investment, it falls short of the full funding required to expand Fair Fares to all working-age New Yorkers at or below poverty.  Most immediately, we still need a concrete plan and timetable for rolling out the full program. The administration needs to offer every eligible New Yorker the opportunity to sign up for a reduced fare card by launching an ambitious advertising and outreach campaign throughout this inaugural year of the program. And to cement the commitment to access and opportunity that Fair Fares promises, Mayor de Blasio should dedicate unspent funds from the current budget towards meeting the costs of the full program for low-income New Yorkers in his executive budget.


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