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Statement: CSS Celebrates Landmark Settlement in Census Bureau Discrimination Class Action

David R. Jones

When the Census Bureau conducts its nationwide survey every ten years, it relies on temporary workers hired in communities coast to coast.  These jobs are critical to the success of the effort, and they are equally critical to individuals who hold them: the jobs pay well and are a source of pride and achievement.  In 2010, Census used a hiring process that screened out applicants after running their name and date of birth through the FBI’s notoriously incomplete criminal records database.  Those applicants whose names corresponded with an arrest record were subject to unfair and confusing requirements.  The result: almost half a million black and Latino individuals were pulled out of the running.  This had nothing to do with their qualifications and in many cases was likely the result of incorrect information.  CSS is proud to have joined with Outten & Golden, LatinoJustice PRLDEF, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia and other co-counsel to file a civil rights challenge to this state of affairs in federal court in Manhattan.  And we congratulate General Counsel Judith Whiting who helped bring the initial class action suit on behalf of clients with criminal histories and represented CSS in the settlement agreement. Yesterday we filed our preliminary settlement.  Please see the attached press release for more details.

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