Press Release

Moving Forward After the Election

David R. Jones

This morning many New Yorkers, as well as Americans across the nation, are coming to terms with the results of yesterday's presidential election. While we don't know for certain what it will mean for the communities we serve and for the work we do advocating for policies that assist the working poor with healthcare, housing, public benefits, employment and other needs, there is ample reason to be concerned. Threats to repeal the Affordable Care Act are serious. Extolling the benefits of discriminatory police practices like "stop and frisk" is alarming. Pledging to deport undocumented immigrants, demeaning ethnic groups and people with disabilities, debasing women and exploiting fear and prejudice are not the American ideals we stand for.

In the last year, we have celebrated important victories in New York City and State on issues like paid family leave, a higher minimum wage, employment opportunities for people with conviction histories, and access to affordable health care. Vermont, Washington, and Arizona all passed paid sick days legislation in 2016, along with 11 counties and municipalities. These advances in economic opportunity remind us that our cities and states are at the leading edge of progress in our nation. Partnering with our communities, elected officials, colleagues and other leaders, we will fight to ensure that we don't go backwards and continue to make gains in the policies that are helping so many New Yorkers move forward.

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