Press Release

CSS Statement on Mayor deBlasio’s State of the City Message

David R. Jones

Contact: Jeff Maclin      
(212) 614-5538 (office)
(718) 309-2346 (cell)

Mayor de Blasio was exactly right when he said this morning that out-of-control housing prices are creating an “opportunity gap” in New York City, which should be first and foremost a city of opportunity.  His initiatives to require more affordable housing in new developments and to increase tenants’ access to legal counsel in housing court are important ways to help close this gap. Even more important is de Blasio’s call for stronger rent control and rent stabilization laws to protect the one million rent-regulated homes where a third of the city lives. Although it is the state legislature and governor who will craft legislation to renew the laws when they sunset on June 15, the mayor of New York City – especially a mayor committed to a more equal city with opportunity for all – can play a central role in the fight for an end to the deregulation of apartments which is undermining the affordability of this critical housing stock. And we wait to hear what he proposes to restore NYCHA public housing to decent financial and physical condition.

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