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Navigating the Maze of Higher Education.

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With support from the DeutscheBank Americas Foundation (DBAF), CSS is producing research on issues facing Latinx youth nationally to inform stories for Latino USA, National Public Radio’s only national Latinx news and cultural weekly radio program. 

Using research conducted by CSS, Latino USA produced and reported an episode on the growing problem of college non-completion among Latinx young adults. In our research, CSS found that in spite of promising gains in Latinx young adult college enrollment over the past decade, especially in the Pacific Northwest, there has also been a rise in the number of young Latinx who are leaving college without completing their degree. The Latino USA episode, which aired live on April 27, 2018 on over 200 radio stations nationwide, follows two Oregon State University undergraduate students of Mexican descent, Jazmine and Miguel, who are dealing with the emotional and financial challenges of college attendance. 

These research materials provide additional demographic and geographic trends behind the surge in college enrollment among young Latinx and the worrisome problem of college non-completion among this group. CSS and its allies continue to work to seek more supports for young people to succeed in postsecondary education.  You can learn more about CSS’ Youth Policy work here

This is the first episode of a three-part series from Latino USA focused on the issues faced by Latinx young adults in the U.S. CSS is grateful to the DeutscheBank Americas Foundation for its support of this work, and to Latino USA for its partnership.

Promising gains, but barriers remain from Community Service Society of New York

The Community Service Society of New York (CSS) has a long history of using research to improve the lives of low-income young people.  Latinxs are the fastest growing population of young people across the country, and as such, deserve unique attention of public policy and research. In recent years, CSS has turned its attention to issues facing Latinx young people, in an effort to shed light on the unique opportunities and challenges.  Our 2010 study, New York’s Future Looks Latino, identified the importance of looking at subgroups of Latinx nationalities separately, as Latinx young people from different backgrounds exhibit markedly different educational and employment trends. This effort led to several new publicly funded initiatives in New York City that targeted Puerto Rican youth, who the report found had some of the lowest school and work outcomes. Our 2013 report on trends facing young people of Mexican origin informed a multi-million dollar initiative by the DeutscheBank Americas Foundation (DBAF), Anchoring Achievement in Mexican Communities, to improve the outcomes of children and families in these communities. CSS is grateful to be the recipient of a new grant from DBAF to support additional research in this area. 


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